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Growing up, Cory was very active and played basketball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, hockey, and beach volleyball. He went to Southern New Hampshire University where he majored in Criminal Justice and I minored in Sociology.  

Cory played Lacrosse and Tennis in college because he loved the competitiveness, comradery, and drive it gave him. Also it allowed him to stay more focused with his time at school.

Cory always went to the gym during and after college but was constantly looking for something more, something that was competitive, that would pull him out of his comfort zone and would push him.  That’s when a friend brought him to a CrossFit class and he  was hooked since day one.

People sometimes ask what his favorite part about being a coach is. For Cory, it's seeing other people succeed and do something they never thought they could. The community is something that drew me him, reminding him of being on a sports team.

Everyone is always pushing each other and he loves it!

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