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Jen Jasper


Jen started CrossFit back in 2015. In 2018 she placed 22nd in the world in her age division in the CrossFit Open, and over the last several years she has been named the Fittest Woman in her division in Rhode Island. Jen is a partner at Ironclad Fitness North.

Before finding CrossFit Jen participated in several other sports. She competed in and coached gymnastics since her high school days, ran several half-marathons, and captained winning teams in The Greenway Challenge (60 mile Run, bike, kayak relay race) two years in a row. 

Prior to grad school, Jen owned a franchise: Kinderdance. She taught dance and gymnastics in preschools and day care centers throughout RI and MA. She is now a school-based speech pathologist.



CrossFit L1

CrossFit Strongman




WZA 2018: 6th

WZA 2019: 4th


Olympic Weightlifting


Currently holds the New England Records in:


71kg class

Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Total


76 Kg Class

Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Total




2020 Masters National Championship (Virtual)

76kg Class: Virtual National Snatch Record 

1st place: Snatch

2nd Place: C&J

2nd Place: Total


2021: Masters National Championship 

71kg Class

2nd Place: Snatch, C&J, and Total


School-Based Speech Pathologist

MS in communication sciences and disorders

BS in Communication Disorders

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