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Brittany Panerali

Brittany has been able to walk on her hands for as long as she has been able to walk on her feet. What started as a love for gymnastics in childhood turned into a successful competitive All-Star cheerleading career in her teen years. Her team made it to the All-Star cheerleading World Championships 5 years in a row, placing 10th in the world in 2012, her senior season.


After a few years hiatus from athletics, Brittany began dabbling in powerlifting, and found a passion for all weights heavy. Not long after, she became interested in learning to Olympic weightlift and incorporate some of the gymnastics skills she still had into her workouts. She took her first CrossFit class in November 2019 and never looked back.


CrossFit has changed the course of Brittany’s life. It’s given her confidence and showed her what the meaning of “true grit” really is. She earned her CF-L1 certification in January 2022 and began coaching as a way to share the passion she has for the sport with others in the community.


Outside of the gym, Brittany holds a B.S. in Finance from Penn State University, and an MBA

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