Tyler Gargano

Growing up, Tyler has always had a desire to become the best version of himself physically, mentally and professionally. He was a three-sport varsity athlete in high school, lettering in baseball, football and swimming, and was recruited to play football at the collegiate level.


Tyler went to Bryant University, where he majored in Business Management. During his time at Bryant, he joined ROTC and was granted a commission.  Tyler is currently a Second Lieutenant, serving the first years of his contract getting his Juris Doctorate at Roger Williams University School Of Law.


Being physically fit is not just a passion of Tyler’s but is also something he is responsible for maintaining as an Army Officer.  Tyler found CrossFit during his sophomore year at Bryant. The regularly scheduled PT and gym sessions were not enough for him. He needed more and was seeking the camaraderie he felt in the military and sports growing up. He wanted an escape and somewhere he could better himself. He found that doing Crossfit. Since that day Tyler has been hooked.

“I am here to give people the best hour of their day and to make a difference and positive change in peoples' lives. My goal is to get better and stronger everyday, whether mentally, physically or emotionally and it is my passion to help others do the same.”


Tyler can be seen dancing around the classroom, cheering people on in long metcons, and intensely watching members of all abilities Olympic Lift.