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Adam Spagna


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                      Adam has been a personal trainer for 3+ years.  It was a snap decision to change careers, start from the

                       ground up, and pursue my passion, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  I’ll tell anyone who will

                      listen that it’s my mission in life to help as many people as possible.  I worked and worked out at globo

                      gyms for most of this time, and established a reputation and a following as a trainer who took the time to

                      build a relationship of trust and never allowing my crew to settle for anything less than the best.  


                      After his first CrossFit class, he knew that this is where I wanted to be, not only for my career in training

                      and coaching, but for my own health and fitness.   The energy of a CrossFit class is unlike anything I’ve

                      ever experienced, and being able to coach the classes makes what I do never feel like work.  



                      CrossFit L-1

                      NASM Certified Personal Trainer  

                      NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist Specialist 

                      NASM Behavior Change Specialist  

                     NASM Weight Loss Specialist 

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